I wrote ‘Young On The Mountain’ to crystallize the feelings I had right after we moved to Moon Mountain in Sonoma — I had a sense of freedom I’d never felt before, like I could really create my own reality and a way of life that I hadn’t even dreamt of yet.  Living amongst towering oaks and fruit trees, reading the California naturalist poets, being so close to the birds and sky.  The mountain changed me and my songwriting, and reinforced the notion that the more real life gets, the more mystical it feels.

Family Album LP
Release date: January 29, 2021
A stunning collection of psychedelic-tinged Americana. Written on Moon Mountain in Sonoma, California on the precipice of motherhood. On Family Album, Ices embraced collectivity and collaboration (the record’s title is apt in a multitude of ways). Part of that is allowing a higher level of collaboration than ever before, part is becoming a mother, part is Sonoma’s Edenic Moon Mountain, part is the Wild West freedom inherent in California, part is an awareness of herself, and, most significantly, of growing ever more into that.

Produced with JR White (Girls) recorded in LA, SF, and Stinson Beach and mixed by Chris Coady at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.
Single — released August 12, 2020

This is a transformational time for each of us.

Everything has shifted in a seismic way. I’ve been going back and forth about how and when to release my new music to you amidst this strange new landscape. The truth is I didn’t choose this time, but it's ready to be birthed.

These past 5 months have opened our eyes, slowed us down, and it’s undeniable that I see and hear this new music in a new light because of that. The songs will inherently always reflect my continued journey as an artist - embracing northern California as my place, the motherhood/mortality matrix as an intrinsic part of me. But what shines brightest to me now, are the people who are working with me. When our deep experiences are shared, especially around the creation of art, they become braided so deeply into our hearts and minds that it's not just about me or you, it’s about something much bigger — transcending egos and external goals. I would not be who I am and this music would not sound as it does without my husband and daughter, the gifted musicians who brought their wizardry to the studio, dear artist friends who, like spiritual guides, helped me with their laser eyes, my producer, my brother, astrologer, manager, my parents, best friends, and the mountain where I live and write who helped me in countless ways. And of course, the alchemical connection with the audience I once had in front me, and the kinetic energy from listeners listening somewhere far away — we are sharing in something. We are family.

Making and performing music is surely the closest I get to the spirituality of things, its a dance between inner and outer worlds… and I believe we can connect to the essence of things on a deeper and more meaningful level when we are free to express our truest selves and listen to our deepest and sometimes darkest voices. We are all affected by the pain of isolation right now, and it can feel harder to find each other — my hope is that through music we can meet somewhere. I’m here for that. With you.  

I’ve been in the studio a lot, and HYMN is the first song I am releasing on August 12. I’m thrilled and honored to keep sharing with you.